These websites helped me understand how dyslexics and fluents learn to read, and what is going on in our brains when we do:

Creativity is More

Kaufman, Scott Barry. “Creativity Is Much More Than 10,000 Hours of Deliberate Practice.” Scientific American Blog Network (blog), 17 2016.

LD OnLine

“LD OnLine: The World’s Leading Website on Learning Disabilities and ADHD.” LD Online. Accessed January 21, 2019.

Learning Disorders

“Learning Disorders.” Child Mind Institute. Accessed February 15, 2016.

Made By Dyslexia

“Made By Dyslexia.” Made By Dyslexia. Accessed January 21, 2019.

Dyslexia Advantages

Shaywitz, Sally E. “The Advantages of Dyslexia.” Mind. Scientific American, August 19, 2014.

International Dyslexia Association

The International Dyslexia Association. “Promoting Literacy through Research, Education and Advocacy.” November 12, 2001.

Read in Stages

Bainbridge, Carol. “How Children Learn to Read in Stages.” Verywell Family. Accessed February 12, 2019.

The Reading Brain

Burns, Martha. “The Reading Brain: How Your Brain Helps You Read, and Why It Matters.” Scientific Learning, December 6, 2017.

Left or Right Brain

Cherry, Kendra. “Are You A Left-Brain or Right-Brain Thinker? The Surprising Truth.”
Psychology., 2013.


Chudler, Eric H. “Hemispheres.” University of Washington. Neuroscience for Kids, 2011.

Language Processing

Dubuc, Bruno. “Broca’s Area, Wernicke’s Area, and Other Language-Processing Areas in the Brain.” The Brain from Top to Bottom, January 2002.


“Dyslexia.” Medterms, 2014 1996.

5x Brain Area

“Dyslexic Children Use Nearly Five Times the Brain Area.” UW News (blog). Accessed
March 5, 2019.

Dyslexia Strength

Egan, Matt. “Richard Branson: How I Turned Dyslexia into a Strength.” CNN Money,
May 8, 2015.

Brain & Language

“How Does Our Brain Process Language?” MindSpec. Autism Reading Room (blog),

Right Brain

Kowalewski, Joel, Marcia Peterson Buckie, and Michael Soso. “What Are the Functions of the Areas on the Right Brain Hemisphere That Correspond to Broca’s Area and Wernicke’s Area?” Quora. Accessed June 15, 2018.

4 Stages of Creativity

Popova, Maria. “The Art of Thought: A Pioneering 1926 Model of the Four Stages of Creativity.” Brain Pickings. Accessed October 11, 2016.

Dyslexia Bennies

Schneps, Matthew H. “Dyslexia Can Deliver Benefits.” Mind. Scientific American, January 1, 2015.

Bookworms & Bibliophobes

Taylor, Ashley P. “How the Brains of Bookworms Compare To Those of Bibliophobes.” Discover Magazine. 80beats, October 10, 2012.


Wernicke’s Area

Bailey, Regina. “Read This Aloud—and Thank Wernicke’s Area in the Brain.” Wernicke’s Area in the Brain. ThoughtCo, 27 2018

Brain Changes

Bell, Nicola. “Explainer: How the Brain Changes When We Learn to Read.” The Conversation. Accessed February 12, 2019.

The Yale Center

Their vision is to help all those with dyslexia understand their diagnosis and become better for it.

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