Dyslexic brains have trouble learning the correct scripts to connect sounds with written letters. You have problems storing the scripts in the left side of your brains as sight words. This gives you problems remembering the right words or breaking words down into their separate sounds. You continue to sound the words out every time.Continue reading “READING IS HARD WORK FOR DYSLEXICS”

What You Need To Read Fluently

WHERE READING GOES WRONG This is a hard topic. There is a lot that experts don’t know yet about the brain or how people read. This is because… THE BRAIN IS A COMPLICATED PLACE.Because the brain is so complicated, nobody’s brain is wired perfectly for all of the jobs we need it to do. ButContinue reading “What You Need To Read Fluently”

What We’re Going to Talk About

Anything that involves the brain is complicated, and dyslexia is no different. But we’re going to try to answer some of the big questions about dyslexia: What went wrong? Why me? How can I fix it? We’ll look at what dyslexia is, and what it isn’t. We’ll talk about how the wiring of a dyslexic’sContinue reading “What We’re Going to Talk About”