What You Need To Read Fluently

WHERE READING GOES WRONG This is a hard topic. There is a lot that experts don’t know yet about the brain or how people read. This is because… THE BRAIN IS A COMPLICATED PLACE.Because the brain is so complicated, nobody’s brain is wired perfectly for all of the jobs we need it to do. ButContinue reading “What You Need To Read Fluently”


“Why me?” is the big question for most dyslexics. But people also want to know if it is something genetic, and if it is something that happens in other writing systems too. We’ll talk about: ● All cultures have people who are dyslexic● Dyslexia runs in families● Both boys and girls can be dyslexic● ClinicalContinue reading “DYSLEXICS WANT TO KNOW “WHY ME?””


            Dyslexia is a hard subject. There’s a lot people don’t know about it. And there’s a lot that people think they know, but is wrong. In this post, we’re going to talk about: What dyslexia isn’t  What dyslexia is How dyslexia affects people WHAT DYSLEXIA ISN’T             There are so many misunderstandings about dyslexia,Continue reading “WHAT DYSLEXIA IS NOT, AND WHAT IT IS”

What Happens in Our Brains As We Learn to Read

Reading is an essential skill, required for almost anything we do. For most of us, it’s an almost magical transformation – learning the letters, sounding out the words, putting them together with ideas … and then … the wonderful moment we find ourself pulled completely into a book. We’re reading fluently!

But not everybody learns to read easily. Some people struggle to recognize new words long after their friends have moved on to more advanced books. These people may be dyslexic.